Why let your IBM BPM testing get out of hand?

IBM BPM Automated Testing

Learn how to achieve unprecedented testing results with the AppTester

As your process applications become more complex, testing becomes expensive and time-consuming. Our solution is the AppTester; a complete testing tool, specially designed for IBM BPM, allowing you to cut costs by automating a large part of the testing work. Test scenarios and scripts are executed automatically with each new release, drastically reducing your time-to-market. Releases will be of higher quality, as human error is eliminated. By automating your testing, you can record test scenarios and cases on each release, guaranteeing quality. With drastic reductions in time and costs, the AppTester is the solution to your testing needs.





Increase efficiency through greater speed & lead time
Cuts repetitive errors to ensure better results
Easily create reports & documentation
Faster feedback loop to all team members

Dive into the AppTester

Who uses the AppTester

Companies that use the AppTester want to save costs and increase efficiency through automation. They also desire consistency within the application testing process. Within these companies, BPM testers and developers interface with the AppTester software tool.

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Product Details

The You-Get AppTester is currently an Eclipse application that allows the creation of test projects. These cases can be executed on a BPM environment of your choice, that runs the process application. Test projects can be stored centrally and managed by using the Git or Subversion.

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The AppTester Story

In the past few years, we recognized the need for higher quality IBM BPM testing with faster results. Thus, the AppTester was born. It’s a perfect fit with our mission of helping your company achieve its goals and solve its problems by overcoming challenges head-on. Founded in 2007, You-Get is a family-owned Amsterdam-based Business Process Consultancy company. We have over 70 highly-skilled employees that help you on your journey to process excellence, whether it be in process methodology, improvements, change management or complete process automation.

Below, we share more about the AppTester directly from one of our experts, Tim van Stam. Topics covered include the inspiration behind the AppTester, how your IBM BPM life-cycle is impacted, and how easy it is to implement.