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Test Scripts

Test Scripts enable you to configure the Inputs and Assertions for a Service. For Human Services, the Actions (relating to the fields in the screen) can be configured.

Test Script Overview

Clicking on a Test Case takes the user into the Test Script overview for that Service. Here the user sees all scripts configured (if there are any) and they can Edit, Clone, Run and Delete Test Scripts.

Service Details

By default, the Service Details are collapsed. Clicking on the Triangle the left of the Test Case Name will expand the Details box to show the Service Name, Service type, Service Description and Input and Output Values. An example of this is shown below.

Overview Table

The Overview Table shows the name, description and actions that can be performed on a Test script. In example of the Overview Table is shown below:

The actions available to the user are as follows:

  • Edit – Allows the user to change the Test Script
  • Clone – Allows the user to duplicate a Test Script – all aspects of the Script will be cloned, and the Name will be appended with the text “- Clone – x” – from here a user can edit the Test Script as required.
  • Run – Runs the individual Test Script and takes the user to the Results screen
  • Delete – Removes the Test Script from the Test Suite. The user is first prompted with a message stating “Are you sure you wish to remove this Test Script?” – With the options of Yes and No.


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