Product Details

►The You-Get AppTester currently is an Eclipse application that allows the creation of test projects

►These cases can be executed on a BPM environment of your choice, that runs the process application

►Test projects can be stored centrally and managed by using the Git or Subversion integrations

Who uses the AppTester?

BPM Tester

The You-Get AppTester is used by two main users, namely BPM testers and BPM developers, who are working in an IBM BPM environment. A BPM tester is able to process recording, establish case generation, determine test cases and screen recordings. In addition, the BPM tester has the capability to do scenario validation and  regression testing.

BPM Developer

A BPM Developer on the other hand is now able to do unit testing with coaches and services. In addition to that the developer can now do a proper scenario validation.


BPM Specific Functionality

►Case generation

►Snapshot changes recognition

►Snapshot support

►Process recording

►IBM BPM 8.5.5, 8.5.6, 8.5.7, 8.6

►Service recognition (unit testing)

►Shared repository (GIT / SVN)

►Screen recording

►Test against IBM BPM Servers (OTA)

►User support

►Import / export scripts

►Regression testing

►Unit testing


►Auto play

►Reporting (script, case, scenario, all)


Our AppTester Brochure describes the story of the AppTester product, and how implementation works with your existing developers and testers.

In our AppTester Fact Sheet, learn more about the advantage of the AppTester over other tools, its metrics, and customer response.

For a walk-through of the AppTester experience, watch the interview with one of our leading experts, followed by our demonstration videos.



Dive into the You-Get AppTester

Interview with AppTester Expert

1 – Adding Your Test Project

2 – Settings, Add User, Import TWX

3 – Generate Process Test Cases

4 – Check Process Test Cases

5 – Generate a Service Test Case

6 – Check Service Case and Run Case

7 – Create and Run a Test Plan

8 – Schedule Your Test Plan