Advanced automated testing for IBM BPM & BAW

Developed by Experts

AppTester is designed and developed by You-Get. Experienced in providing digital solutions to customers across Europe, processes are at the front and centre of all that we do.

AppTester brings automation to your IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) & Business Automation Workflow (BAW) efforts enabling you  to maximise efficiency and minimize repetition, errors and non-value adding work.

Redress the Balance of your BPM & BAW Testing

As process applications mature, both regression testing and testing of new functionality becomes expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why we built AppTester. A Solution to help you redress the balance of Development and Test efforts.

Advantages of AppTester


Increase efficiency through greater speed & lead time



Cuts repetitive errors to ensure better results


Easily create reports & documentation


Faster feedback loop to all team members

Advantages of AppTester?


BPM/BAW testers can create Test Scripts, Suites and Scenarios that can be used to significantly speed up regression testing and provide developers with diagnostics when launching new features and process versions


BPM Developers are now able to perform unit tests with coaches and services increasing the quality and providing a useful handover point to testers.

AppTester brings savings & adds value

Our experience working with large enterprises means that we know what it takes to make BPM initiatives successful.

AppTester focuses on taking repetitive actions and making them scalable through automation, leaving your test resources to focus on adding value for your organisation.

We see that customers experience a rapid ROI and significant savings when implementing AppTester.

  • Improvement on “First Time Right” 70% 70%
  • Improvements to Development efficiency 50% 50%
  • Test Resource Reduction 33% 33%
  • Lead time Improvement 30% 30%

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