19.01.200 - Released 25th January 2019


This release includes some essential work required for TIP functionality. Human Service Actions have also been enhanced, and the ability to add a new user without the need to configure an SMTP server has been included in this release. There are also some bug fixes included. 

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-785] – ACTION – Enhance execute actions
  • [AT2-805] – ADD NEW USER – Adjustments to New user Setup
  • [AT2-823] – TIP – Define solution for getting artifacts
  • [AT2-824] – TIP – Refactor Snapshot page
  • [AT2-840] – TIP – Mapping API return data to DB structure

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-612] – Projects with the Same Name – System Hangs – No Error Message
  • [AT2-623] – Timeout issue while executing very long tasks
  • [AT2-806] – Cannot run scenario from ‘General’ tab because of missing steps
  • [AT2-807] – Scenario gets in buggy state after removing a step
  • [AT2-809] – Process in older snapshot not found while creating a scenario
  • [AT2-810] – Scenario has status ‘Failed’ while it is still running