19.04.300 - Released 19th April 2019

This release continues work on back-end functionality to enable testing on TIP. Foundation functionality to allow CSV reporting is also added.

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-825] – TIP – Refactor Testcase, Test Suite, Schedule data model to new TIP structure
  • [AT2-961] – REPORTING – Reporting page for CSV exports
  • [AT2-968] – REPORTING – As an AppTester user, I want to have a list to display all report definitions

Bug Fixes

  •  [AT2-931] – ENVIRONMENTS – Test Connection Button does not work on Tab 3 of Wizard on Edit Environment
  • [AT2-952] – LICENSING – Suspended Users Count towards the User Count
  • [AT2-953] – LICENSING – Please change wording on the “Too Many Users” error message
  • [AT2-962] – SCENARIOS – When “Start” step fails,system continues to run the subsequent steps. It should stop
  • [AT2-973] – SUITES – Add Service Name to Select From Box – No longer visible
  • [AT2-985] – Input validation messages still present after closing and reopening the create test script modal