19.08.200 - Released 17th August 2019

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-984] – Support processes with parallel flow without a join
  • [AT2-1005] – SNAPSHOTS – Validate test items after importing from another snapshot
  • [AT2-1008] – SNAPSHOTS – Loosen the relationship between a snapshot and a test suite
  • [AT2-1035] – HUMAN SERVICES – IMPLEMENT – Improved support for tables on TEST SCRIPT
  • [AT2-1053] – SNAPSHOTS – Update “Create test Suite” logic to loosen the relationship between a snapshot and a test suite
  • [AT2-1081] – SCENARIO – Re-format property value after drag & drop mapping value
  • [AT2-1082] – SCENARIO – Complex object: Get default value for property if the mapping field is removed

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1067] – SCENARIO – Can not add new step for a Parallel Gateway

  • [AT2-1073] – Service names missing in Test Case Overview screen

  • [AT2-1086] – Autofill hangs on human services with multiple coaches

  • [AT2-1085] – Scenario´s – Steps do not add to process flow

  • [AT2-1090] – Strange behavior on Import button on Test Case Overview page

  • [AT2-1092] – HUMAN SERVICES – Incorrect Action status when locator is invalid