19.10.300 - Released 25th October 2019

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-1009] – SNAPSHOTS – Loosen the relationship between a snapshot and a schedule
  • [AT2-1099] – Manually cleanup snapshots from the AppTester database
  • [AT2-1106] – Ignore validate Date type if input is null
  • [AT2-1112] – Support for environments with self-signed certificates
  • [AT2-1113] – Remove confirmation box when running scenarios and test suites

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1074] – Testcases not imported when changing snapshots

  • [AT2-1116] – TESTSUITE – Process name is undefined when showing Scenario detail on TestSuite Result

  • [AT2-1117] – SCHEDULE – Provide a message when a user runs a Schedule without a test suite

  • [AT2-1118] – DASHBOARD – Handle long Test Suite name

  • [AT2-1119] – SCENARIO – Scenario result is not shown when a snapshot is executed

  • [AT2-1122] – TESTSUITE – When a test script is removed, which exist on test suite

  • [AT2-1125] – TESTSUITE- Schedule/Test Suite RESULT for showing Mix Scenario