20.03.200 - Released 18th March 2020

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-1198] – Find a way to install “Execute Service Flow” into the database
  • [AT2-1152] – Support service flow with input/output complex object
  • [AT2-1213] – Investigate for the solution to copy a service flow from one app to other app by REST API

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1157] – A user can delete his own account
  • [AT2-1177] – Wrong icon is used for editing a test suite
  • [AT2-1168] – Slides ‘notification’, ‘Who is online’ and ‘Environments’ should close when clicking outside of the slide in the top menu
  • [AT2-1169] – Clicking on ‘notification’, ‘Who is online’ and ‘Environments’ should close other slides in the top menu
  • [AT2-1170] – The user menu opens behind information slides in the top menu
  • [AT2-1190] – AppTester can’t find the service in a toolkit when using TIP
  • [AT2-1209] – Adding steps automatically to a scenario stops AppTester