20.04.300 - Released 29th April 2020

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-1228] – As an user, I want to be able to copy/install “Execute Service Flow” to a specific project/process app
  • [AT2-1247] – As a user, I want to use an environment variable on process app to enable/disable “Execute Service Flow”

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1156] – Autofill doesn’t work when creating a testscript in “Cases”
  • [AT2-1191] – No autofill in TIP – but fields can be autofilled in latest snapshot
  • [AT2-1208] – Exception error message when adding process scenario
  • [AT2-1211] – [Scenario] User can add available step again in Definition
  • [AT2-1214] – Can’t save script while editing the script
  • [AT2-1217] – Unexpected exception during execution error when creating a case when using TIP snapshot
  • [AT2-1225] – [Suite] Details of suite results can’t be browsed through with prev/next buttons
  • [AT2-1226] – [Tip snapshot] Refresh button for TIP snapshot doesn’t refresh the URL
  • [AT2-1229] – [Test cases] – Can’t run Client Side Human Service with data mapping
  • [AT2-1232] – [Suite] Add test suite: snapshot lookup list only shows snapshots that have scripts
  • [AT2-1233] – [Scenario] Process scenario containing attached timer event does not trigger interrupt. 
  • [AT2-1235] – [SCENARIO]- Cannot execute process scenario in blank scenario, TIP Snapshot
  • [AT2-1236] – [Tip snapshot] Unexpected exception during execution Client Side Human Service in blank scenario when using TIP Snapshot
  • [AT2-1237] – [SCENARIO]- Cannot execute process scenario from another project in blank scenario when TIP Snapshot have changes in BPM
  • [AT2-1240] – [Tip snapshot] Testscripts in suites are removed when going from TIP to a new snapshot
  • [AT2-1255] – [Suite] Test suite doesn’t get data for edit