20.05.200 - Released 28th May 2020

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:

New Features

  • [AT2-1246] – As a user, I only want “Copy Service Flow” to be enabled when the development environment is active, not for other environments
  • [AT2-1248] – As a user, I want the current project to be the latest snapshot after performing copy “Execute Service Flow”

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1133] – [Test cases] Select action does not work on a coach
  • [AT2-1154] – [Scenario] Execute Scenario for EVENT is not stable
  • [AT2-1181] – [Dashboard] The “Latest Test Suite Runs” should be displayed independently of the snapshot they are in
  • [AT2-1186] – [Cleanup] The snapshot is not removed from the list if the snapshot is used in other projects
  • [AT2-1234] – [Dashboard] After changing the App for a project, Scenario will show the old scenario from the previous App
  • [AT2-1249] – [Suite] Status shows running for test suites containing two similar scenarios with cross-project and process scenario
  • [AT2-1253] – [Reporting] Select all suites doesn’t work
  • [AT2-1261] – When action “Copy service Flow” is selected, the confirmation message shows ID of snapshot instead of name
  • [AT2-1283] – Execute Service Workflow: date / time data types do not work with ESF
  • [AT2-1294] – [Project] Unable to save the project name
  • [AT2-1305] – [Schedule] [Suite] The result status always RUNNING when execute a “Schedule” or “Suite” contains a blank scenario has more than 2 steps