20.06.100 - Released 10th June 2020

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:


Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1201] – [Scenario] UI result for Mix-Scenario show duplicate steps in the process
  • [AT2-1204] – [Suite] [Schedule] UI result for Mix-Scenario show duplicated steps
  • [AT2-1244] – [Schedule] [Suite] The steps do not show up in the test suite results
  • [AT2-1285] – The Execute Service Workflow option does not work when you try to use services via scenarios
  • [AT2-1292] – [Suite] The results of blank scenario is not shown when run in a suite
  • [AT2-1306] – When [refresh] in top menu is used for activated snapshot, the ‘waiting screen’ doesn’t dissappear
  • [AT2-1307] – When testing a service flow via a script, apptester shows CWTBG0019E error and fails on result
  • [AT2-1310] – When using a datasheet a script fails without results