20.07.300 - Released 23rd July 2020

Tickets resolved in this release are summarised as follows:


Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1251] – Reports with same Suites are not working (time-out error and “not found”)
  • [AT2-1312] – [Case] Unable to identify Text Area Selector in a client-side human service
  • [AT2-1315] – [Scenario] Message Event still works if we send an incorrect Correlation variable
  • [AT2-1317] – [Suite] Result doesn’t update the status for a suite that contains an empty scenario
  • [AT2-1311] –  [TestCase] There is no data found when clicking on view detail
  • [AT2-1313] – [Reporting] Report is displaying wrong test item for Scenario and missing Scenario name, Scenario type, Service/Step Type
  • [AT2-1318] – [Scenario] When a new snapshot is created and activated a new process with a boundary event cannot be made
  • [AT2-1321] – [Reporting] Unable to download report file if the file name contains a special character