21.04.101 - Released 12th April 2021

Tickets resolved in this release are summarized as follows:


Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1478] – Unable to add more asserts for a complex object[list] containing an object[list]
  • [AT2-1494] – An inclusive gateway that loops back cannot be automated
  • [AT2-1500] – Using Null as input for a complex date variable in Apptester
  • [AT2-1504] – SMTP setting “secure = no” does not work
  • [AT2-1511] – An “ObjectObject” error¬†occurs when creating a process scenario
  • [AT2-1515] – Using null as input for boolean variable in Apptester doesn’t work.
  • [AT2-1517] – AppTester crashes when running a blank scenario with process scenario after changes in IBM BAW
  • [AT2-1524] – AppTester crashed with running specific script in my project