21.06.100 - Released 11th June 2021

Tickets resolved in this release are summarized as follows:


New features

  • [AT2-1477] – As a user, I want the template (case variables) also updated with a refresh TIP so I don’t have to create new cases with every change

Bug Fixes

  • [AT2-1483] – AppTester fills in information in jSon from previous script when creating a new one
  • [AT2-1503] – Date/time variable require entering value for the field which doesn’t need to be filled out
  • [AT2-1509] – The total number of cases on RecoverTip page does not match with Dashboard after transferring
  • [AT2-1525] – Get error when creating testcase with a service flow has unavailable object
  • [AT2-1528] – Complex object that uses a datasheet does not work
  • [AT2-1540] – Process scenario cannot execute process with linked process
  • [AT2-1545] – Crash server when click on a scenario name from Import Data Results pop-up
  • [AT2-1548] – Crash server when run a Client Side Human Service in Testscript
  • [AT2-1551] – New scenario button does not work (returns 504) when a UCA is used with on event message and attached service flow