21.11.200 - Released 25th November 2021

Tickets resolved in this release are summarized as follows:

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1651 – Input value of complex BO doesn’t update new information in Case when importing to normal snapshot
  • AT2-1637 – The message of successful data import is not displayed after completing the import from snapshot to snapshot
  • AT2-1643 – After resfreshTIP, old assert still keeps in test script even thought output is changed in BAW
  • AT2-1475 – In asserts the value field is emptied when you change the operator
  • AT2-1518 – Case cannot parse string when a complex object has long URL
  • AT2-1582 – The order of a list and the page you are in are not remembered
  • AT2-1626 – When switching between environments, the snapshot list should refresh
  • AT2-1581 – Total number of cases in Test case overview isn’t showing all cases, but only cases on the page