22.04.100 - Released 12th May

Tickets resolved in this release are summarized as follows:

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1700 – When a user adds invalid jSon to an assert in a script, it can save the script, but the content is not saved
  • AT2-1701 – When using the character & in a business object AppTester returns an error
  • AT2-1719 – Complex BO that is a list cannot be saved because of error “Json format is invalid.”
  • AT2-1705 – A list / array cannot be asserted as a big list/ json – Test Script

New features

  • AT2-1706 – Support for variable with type “ANY”
  • AT2-1685 – Support for Map data type

General improvements

This version of the software has many more improvements because of rework of the internal code of the AppTester. These improvements are not specifically listed here. General improvements are made in functionality and performance.