22.05.100 - Released 25th of May

Tickets resolved in this release are summarized as follows:

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1749 – Unexpected Failure error when trying to refresh TIP after I deleted a business object
  • Some UI fixes that have no ticket number

New features

  • AT2-1554 – If a new TIP is ready to use, it will be visible in the AppTester, so you know when to refresh the TIP
  • AT2-1602 – Full size jSon editor in the assert tab (script and scenario) for complex business objects and any type variable
  • AT2-1658 – Dynamic content for input in services. We’ve build in support for native javascript and some functions, read more about this here
  • AT2-1699 – Test cases can now be renamed to a more logical name
  • AT2-1718 – Now you can assert a complete list at once, if it is a simple array or more complex BO to save time in creating scripts¬†