22.09.202 - Released 3rd of November

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1805 – A validation message about the format of an input variable doesn’t show in Scenario

  • AT2-1782 – Process scenario is disappeared in blank scenario after RefreshTIP

  • AT2-1801 – Validation message doesn’t show with assert of variables in complex BO for Test case and Scenarios

  • AT2-1798 – Result never returns when running service containing time map with data set

  • AT2-1778 – When using a dataset for a script with 10+ lines the result overview only shows 1 result

  • AT2-1776 – AppTester doesn’t work with inclusive gateway when there are > 2 paths from inclusive

New features

  • AT2-1615 – AppTester can now work with error objects in scripts

  • AT2-1780 – If a user is working in a branch, there is a clear message on top to avoid confusion

  • AT2-1794 – Select or deselect services that are measured in the coverage overview on the dashboard

  • AT2-1796 – Added a warning message when no assert is created when saving a script

  • AT2-1779 – Button [Copy actual to expected result] is now working if a mix of using dataset & hard coded asserts is mixed in one script