22.11.100 - Released 16th of November

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1825 – Mapped data in blank scenarios (from process to service) and refresh TIP solved

  • AT2-1790 – Blank scenario: improvements in results when run through a Schedule

  • AT2-1650 – Blank scenario: Name of mapped value is not updated if the service name is changed

  • AT2-1820 – Blank scenario: Mapped data using array disappeared after refresh TIP

  • AT2-1691 – Data files over 1,5mb are not accepted anymore because of server limits

  • AT2-1819 – The message ‘Data has been imported from the latest TIP snapshot’ didn’t display everywhere

New features

  • AT2-1720 – The order of asserts can be changed now in scripts

  • AT2-1817 – AppTester supports the Cloud Pak environment of IBM

  • AT2-1787 – Schedules: Email addresses are shown next to user name in notification settings

  • AT2-1804 – A wait action is now automatically placed at the end of added actions in process scenarios