23.02.200 - Released 15th of February

New features

  • AT2-1853 – The project list favorites functionality
  • AT2-1826 – Assert results are clickable and shown in a pop-up window
  • AT2-1851 – XML objects can be used in scripts

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1847 – Asserts are not auto-deleted anymore: If an output variable is changed / deleted in BAW, AppTester warns the user about this with a fail.
  • AT2-1852 – New services are now automatically included in the calculation of the Service coverage
  • AT2-1854 – Fixed Unexpected error that could appear with using Complex Business objects
  • AT2-1872 – Dynamic created BSN numbers and other formulas are 11-proef, IBAN is now. More info on dynamic input here.