23.03.100 - Released 1st of March

New features

  • AT2-1855 – The AppTester logo now always brings you back to the project list (home)
  • AT2-1856 – Input values in scripts can be reset now. If a complex has a lot of changes you can reset back to the template value.
  • AT2-1871 – If you have a nightly schedule planned after 21:00 in the evening the TIP will be refreshed for your AppTester project automatically at 21:00
  • AT2-1875 – When creating a new project we now have clear instructions how to configure your connection with your Process app or toolkit
  • AT2-1875 – We moved the help button that links to the knowledge base to the top menu. It was a bit hidden in the user menu.

Bug Fixes

  • AT2-1878 – The assertion of XML element appears more strange symbols after user save test script
  • AT2-1860 – There were more issues in the user interface of asserts. We fixed some bugs here (so more than this ticket alone)
  • AT2-1866 – The services that were used in creating a case appeared in blank scenarios (cache issue)