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Add Environment

To add a new Environment, click on the “New Environment” button. This brings up a modal with a 3-step wizard. The Steps are defined below.

This results in a small wizard with the following steps

1 – Main settings

The “Main Settings” step is used to configure the following attributes:

  • Name: Fill in the name of the server, this can be anything of your choosing
  • Host: Hostname of the server
  • Port:The port the server listens to, by default an IBM BPM server listens to port 443
  • Sub path: Enter the sub-path information
  • Protocol:The server protocol, by default this is https, which is highly recommended.
  • Server type:What server is this? A process Centre is used for development servers, and Process Servers for other environments.
  • Runtime server:What is the function of the server in the environment?

2 – User

Configure the Username and the password for the environment. Please make sure the user matches with a valid user on the chosen server.

3 – Finish

This tab allows the user to review settings to check that everything is in order. The green button can be used to test connection. When you click that it should result in ‘Connection successful’.
If the test fails, you can review your settings by clicking on the previous tabs or use the button ‘Previous’ button in the bottom right of the screen.
Clicking ‘Save’ will return the user to the ‘Server List’.

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