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First Time Activation

After AppTester has been installed and is started up for the first time, a default admin account will be created that you can use to login. Credentials for this account will be provided to you by You-Get.

When navigating to the AppTester root URL, you will be presented with the following login box where you can enter the default account credentials:

After successful login, AppTester will check for the presence of a valid license. If none is found, the following screen will be presented, showing a Secret Key:

This key should be copied using the Copy button and sent to your You-Get contact. Based on the secret key, You-Get will provide you with a license key that can be entered in the License Key field.

Clicking the Activate button will activate your license and after confirming the modal box, you will be navigated to the AppTester license page, showing you the details of your license:

You now have an activated AppTester license. 

As a next step, we strongly advise you to create a new admin user account and suspend the default account that comes with the product.

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