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Add New User

To add new users to the system, an Admin user clicks on the “AppTester Users”. This displays an overview of all users in the system as shown below.

Clicking on the “+ New User” button brings up a Modal with three fields to complete for the User to be added as shown below.

We advise to use full names in the “Name” field. Names will be used to identify “Created By” and “Modified by” activities in the system. The name field will also be used to address the new user in their introductory e-mail. The User Type has only two options. Administrator and Standard User.

An Administrator has elevated privileges such as the ability to create new users, configure environments and modify SMTP server settings. It is down to each organisation to determine how they configure users.

There are no restrictions on the number of Admin users that an organisation can have. If an SMTP connection has been created in the system (see here for more details), clicking on the “Add User” button will send an e-mail to the user with a unique URL in it. The user will be shown with a status of “Pending” in the system as shown below.

The new user needs to click on the unique URL from their e-mail to set their password and finalise their account activation. If no SMTP connection is configured, the Admin user should click on the icon. This will copy the a Unique URL which an then be sent to the user (e.g. via e-mail or internal communication tool) for the the account creation to be finalised. Once an account is active the user status will change to “Active”, an example of an active user is shown below.

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