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Process Template Scenarios

Process Scenarios allow you to specify a flow the application to be tested.

To start, click on “Scenarios” from the navigation pane on the left. Click on “+ New Scenario”. This displays the following modal.

Complete the Modal selecting “Process” from the “Scenario Template” drop down. This reveals an additional, mandatory “Available Processes” selection box. This displays all possible Processes available on the Application. Select the desired process and click “Create”. After clicking “Create” the Business Process Diagram for the selected Process is displayed.

An example of Creating a “Process” Scenario is shown below.

Define Process Flow

To configure the process, click on the “Definition” tab. This takes you to an empty scenario Canvas. Click on either the “New Step(s)” or “+ New Step” to start defining your process scenario. This brings up a modal displaying available process steps. For example, if there are two possible start events, these will be displayed.

To add a Step, select from the drop down and then click on the “Add Step(s)” button.

TIP! If at any time, you would like to see the BPD to assist with building up the Process flow, click on the “Show Process Diagram” button. This displays the BPD in a new window.

After clicking on the “Add Steps” button, AppTester will automatically add the next steps to the Process flow, up until the point where there is a decision to be made (in the form of a Gateway or Multiple paths from a Task).

In the example below, AppTester has automatically generated just one step, Register Gift. This task has two possible options 1 – Submit, where the Process Continues and 2 – Cancel, which ends the Process. Therefore, the user must decide which path they wish to configure.

To continue adding more steps, click on the last step and then click on the “+ New Steps” button and repeat the process until you are happy with the flow and that it has an End configured. An example of a completed flow is shown below.

IMPORTANT: If there are sub-processes or linked processes, AppTester will automatically generate the steps in the parent process and all Sub/Linked process, therefore, the user will need to configure the next steps for both.

In the example below, you see that AppTester has automatically gathered all steps, until it found a gateway on both the Parent and Linked Process

Deleting Steps

To delete a Process Step, click on the step to be removed and then click on the “Trash Can” icon. To maintain the integrity and validity of a Process flow, all subsequent steps will be removed from the flow. In the example below, the Step “Approve” is removed, the steps “Akkord Manager” and “End” are also deleted automatically.

Configure the Services

Services are configured in a similar way to the Test Scripts and Blank Template Scenarios. Please refer to these sections for more information.

Running a Scenario

To run a scenario, click on the “Run scenario button”. An alert will be displayed stating that the scenario will be saved and requesting confirmation. The Scenario will then run in the background.

To see the Results, click on the Results Tab.

NOTE: The Results Tab only shows Services where there are Inputs & Outputs required. If the service has no Inputs or Outputs, then the Service will not show in the Results list.

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