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Before any Test items (Cases, Scripts, Suites and Scenarios) can be created, a Snapshot needs to be activated. This is the Snapshot from which you will pick services to create Test Cases, Scripts, Suites and Scenarios.

To Activate a Snapshot, either click on the “SNAPSHOTS” link from the Dashboard, or from the left-hand navigation, click “Settings” and then “Snapshots”. This will show a list of all snapshots available on the active environment. An example of this is shown below.

To activate a snapshot, click on the “Set Active” link. If there are Test Items on the currently activated snapshot (e.g. Cases, Scenarios, Scripts etc), an alert will appear asking the user if they would like to copy test items from the previously active snapshot to the new snapshot as shown below.

Clicking Yes will then display a status overview that shows whether copying the items from one snapshot to another was successful.

Clicking No will set give the user a clean Test Project with no item. 

NOTE: Test Items can be copied individually from the Test Case Screen.

Once a snapshot is activated, a short alert will appear in the navigation bar at the top of the screen similar to that shown below.

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