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Create New Test Case

To create a New Test case, from the Cases overview click on the icon in the top right named “New Test Case”. This displays the “Create Test Case” modal which shows all artefacts/services from the active Snapshot. An example of the “Create Test Case” modal is shown below.

In the modal one or more services can be selected by placing a check in the box alongside the Service Name. Clicking “Generate Test Case(s)” will create the Test Case(s). The Case overview will be shown, displaying the newly generated Test Case(s).

The name of a Test Case is generated by the system based on the Service Type following with an automatic incremental number. The name cannot be changed.

Searching artifacts

The Search function is available for filtering the list of services based on the Service Name. Below shows an example where ‘account’ is entered in the Search box, this results in showing services including ‘account’ in the Service Name.

As a default, the system shows the first 10 results. Pagination is applied to allow the user to get to the remaining items. Selections made on one page are unaffected by navigating to another page.

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