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Data Mapping

Data Sets can be used to generate multiple test scripts. Currently, Data Sets can be mapped to Inputs and/or Asserts on a Test Script.


On the Input tab, click on the “Map from existing Data Set”. This will display a list of all Data sets that have been uploaded on the project as shown below.

After selecting a Data Set, AppTester will attempt to map columns from the spreadsheet based on names.

To change the automatically selected value, click on the drop down and select the correct field from the spreadsheet.

To remove the data set mapping from a single field, click on the excel icon to the right of the field.

To remove data set mapping from all fields / from the test script, click on the “Map from existing Data Set” and then select the “Remove Data Set Mapping”.


To Map an Assert value to a column in the Data Set, create the Assert and then click on the Excel Icon to the right of screen. This will change the Input field to a select field showing all possible values from the Data Set.

Running a Test Script with a Data Set

Test Scripts that have been linked to a Data Set generate one Result row per row of data. For example, if you have linked a Data Set containing 10 rows of data to a Test Script, running that Test Script will produce 10 result rows.

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