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Edit / Clone / Run / Delete

Edit Test Script

To edit a Test Script, click on the alongside the Test Script. This brings up the same modal as the “New Test Script” functionality. All fields can be edited and saved accordingly.

Clone Test Script

All Test Scripts can be cloned, this makes the process of taking one script and making minor changes or extensions easier. To clone a Test Script, click on the icon. This creates a copy of the entire Test Script. The name of the newly created Test Script is appended with the text “Clone – x” to help the user identify the newly created Test Script.

Run Test Script

To run a test script, click on the icon. The Test script will run and upon conclusion, a success / failure message will appear at the top of the screen, the user will also be taken to the Results table as shown below

Clicking on the “Name” Hyperlink will display a Modal with a report showing more details of the Test Run, a simple example is shown below.

Delete Test Script

To Delete a Test Script, click on the icon. This will display a warning message to the user asking:

“Are you sure you wish to remove this Test Script”

Clicking “Yes” will complete the Test Script removal (including the removal of all linked Test Script Results). Clicking “No” will cancel the Delete action.

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