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Data set List

The Data set List is an overview of all data sets for the project. From here, users can Add, Edit and Delete data sets as well as see information about the specific data set.

An example of this screen is displayed below.

Data set List functionality

Functionality in the data set list is described below.

Icon Component Description
  Name By clicking on the data set name in the column Name the Data Set Information page will be opened, as described in the paragraph “Data Set Information“.
  New Data Set Add a new data set opens a modal as described in the article “New Data Set“.
  Sort The columns Name, Filename, Last Updated, # of Rows and # of Linked Test Scripts can be sorted by clicking on the icon.
  Filter By clicking on the filter icon additional filter fields will be displayed for the columns Name, Filename and Last Updated. The filter can be executed by entering text in the applicable filter fields.
  The data set properties can be edited by clicking the icon. By clicking the icon a modal will be displayed as described in the article “Edit Data Set“.
  Delete A Data Set can be deleted, as described in the article “Delete Data Set“.

Data set information

By clicking on the data set name in the Name column of the Data Set list the information page of the data set will be opened.

Icon Component Description
  Download Data Set Clicking on Download Data Set download the opened data set in its original format to your computer. This functionality is aimed at quickly creating a new or modified data set which can then be added as a new data set.

An existing data set cannot be replaced.
  Data This tab shows the first ten lines of the data set.
  Where Used This tab show where the data set is used, a list of Test scripts.
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