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Edit Data Set

To edit a Data Set, click on the edit icon in the Actions column alongside the data set to be edited.

The below prompt will be shown. In this prompt the name and description can be edited. To upload an updated data set, either drag and drop the new data set to the prompt or click on the “ Browse” button, then navigate and select the file in the Explorer.

Click “Save Data Set” to update the data set.

Tip: As metioned the data set can be updated via the “Update Data Set” functionality. If you don’t have the original data set (file) you can download the data set from the “Data Set information” page, edit it and then upload the data following the above description.

NOTE: All future Test Runs on linked test items will use the updated Test Data set. So, if the previous Data set contained 10 rows of Data and the updated data set contains 20 rows of data any subsequent test runs will generate 20 rows of data.

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