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New Data Set

To upload a new Data Set, the user can Drag and Drop the file from Windows Explorer to the Data Overview screen or they can click on the “ New Data Set” button in the top right of the screen.

This brings up a Modal as shown below.

NOTE: If the User clicks on the “ New Data Set” screen the “File” field will be blank. In the above screenshot the Upload was started by dragging and dropping a file.

The Modal contains the following Fields:

  • Name* – a name to label the data set
  • Description – a brief description of the data set
  • File* – the file name of the uploaded Data Set
  • Sheet Name – for Excel filed, the user can specify a sheet to upload. If left blank, the first sheet will be uploaded. For .csv this file is greyed out as .csv does not support sheets

Fields marked with “*” are required fields.

Clicking on the “Save Data Set” finalizes the creation of the Data Set and takes the user back to the Data Set overview.

The data from the data set can now be used when creating Test Scripts.

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