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Archiving a Project

To archive a project, click on the archive icon in the Project List as shown below.

Before a Project will be Archived, a prompt will be shown allowing to confirm or cancel the Archive.

By default, only “active” projects are displayed in the Project List. Therefore the archived project will no longer be in the project list. Archiving a project sends the Project to a archive status and removes it of the default ‘active’ view of the “Project List”.

Viewing archived projects

Clicking Active | Archived toggle switches between a list of active and archived Projects. To view “Archived” projects, click on the “Archived” toggle at the top right of the list as shown below.

The archived projects will be shown as below.

Additional archive functionality

From the archived list Projects can be restored or deleted, as described in the linked articles.

Icon Component Description
  Restore project Functionality described in the article Restoring a archived Project
  Delete project Functionality described in the article Deleting a Projects
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