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Creating a Project

To create a new project, from the Project List click on the icon in the top right named ‘New Project’. This results in a four-step wizard guiding you in entering the relevant details for the project. Optionally the wizard can be triggered by editing the project from the Project List by clicking the edit icon.

A short walk-through of the New Project functionality is shown below.

The four-step wizard

  1. Main Settings This tab is used to add a name for the project. This can be anything of your choosing.

  2. Servers The “Servers” tab is used to configure the environments to be used on the project (Dev, Test and Acceptance). The drop-down fields are populated based on the servers configured by an administrator.

    NOTE: only a Development Server is mandatory.

  3. Applications / Toolkits This tab will load all available Applications and Toolkits from the Dev server selected in Step 2. The user can search, and filter out to show:
    – All – both BAW Applications and Toolkits
    – Applications – only BAW applications
    – Toolkits – only BAW Toolkits

    To select the desired Application or Toolkit, click on it. The radio button to the right-hand side of the “Acronym” column will activate. Clicking “Next” will take the user to the final step of the Wizard.

  4. Finish The “Finish” tab gives the user the chance to review all of Project Details entered. From here a user can either go back and make corrections, or “Save” the Project. Saving will return the user to the Project List.
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