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Deleting a Project

Only projects in an “Archived” status can be deleted. This logic is intended as an added check before deleting a Project as deletion may have a large impact on your test team.

Warning: deleting a project will permenantly remove the project from AppTester. Before executing the following steps be sure the project is no longer used by any of the AppTester users. A deleted project cannot be restored.

Clicking Active | Archived toggle switches between a list of active and archived Projects. To view “Archived” projects, click on the “Archived” toggle at the top right of the list as shown below.

The archived projects will be shown as below.

To delete an archived project, click on the icon as shown below.

Clicking the Icon will display a pop-up to confirm whether to permanently delete the Project from the system. The following prompt will be shown.

After confirmation the project is permanently deleted from the AppTester.

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