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Project List

The Project List is an overview of all Projects configured in AppTester. From here, users can Add, Edit and Archive Projects as well as create a new Project for which they would like to configure Test Activities.

An example of this screen is displayed below.

Project List functionality

By clicking on the project name in the Projects column the selected project will be opened, additional functionality in the Project list is described below.

Icon Component Description
  New project Create a new project opens a wizard as described in the article “Creating a Project
  Sort The columns Projects and Snapshot can be sorted by clicking on the column name.
  Filter By clicking on the filter icon additional filter fields wil be displayed for the columns Projects and Snapshot.
  Edit Project The project data can be edited by clicking the icon, the wizard as displayed for creating a project will be displayed.
  Archive Project Created project can be archived, as described in the article Archiving a Project
  Copy Project The existing project can be duplicated by clicking the icon.
  Create Service flow A new service flow can be created in the Project by clicking the icon
  Active | Archived Clicking Active | Archived toggle switches between a list of active and archived Projects. From the archived list Projects can be restored or deleted, as described in the linked articles.
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