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BPM/BAW Environment Users

Application Access

For AppTester, we recommend that a dedicated BPM/BAW user is configured specifically for AppTester. This user should be granted with “Read” Access to the desired Process Application or Toolkit that is to be tested.

NOTE: Due to the way in which the IBM API works, ALL Process Applications and Toolkits will be exposed to the user through AppTester.

This will allow Snapshots to be retrieved, activated, test cases to be created and run. To test processes, through the scenario functionality, the relevant processes need to be exposed to the user group in which the User is configured (see following section).

Add User to Process Group

In order to start testing a process, it needs to be exposed to the relevant group via the “Expose to Start” section as shown in the image below.

With the Process exposed, you are now ready to commence testing.

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