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Establishing connection with new project

This describes how to set up the Service “Execute Service Workflow”, that is needed for the connection to your services.

For Services, the default setting for the security of a service is “Allow calls from trusted callers”. Because of that we need to something within the AppTester to get a connection in a secure way to IBM BAW

With the use of the AppTester BAW service ‘Execute Service Flow’ the AppTester test case can reach the to be tested service in IBM no matter what the access level is.

Steps needed to implement the “Execute Service Flow” (called ESF from now)

First time setup

STEP 1  & 2 are only needed when you are the first person to start an AppTester project. If AppTester is already in use, go to STEP 3

STEP 1: Import Process App with ESF service

    • import the twx file that should be delivered to you or your administrator
    • Name of Process App that is imported: “AppTester Services (ATS)”

STEP 2: Add in the AppTester the necessary test project
If in AppTester there is no project “AppTester service”, then you have to create it first

    • Create a project “AppTester Service”
    • Choose the process app you imported in step 1
    • Save
    • Go to this project and select the latest snapshot

Setup for every Process app

STEP 3: Create Environment variable per Process App or Toolkit

  • Per process app that you want to automate you will need an environment variable: AT_ENABLED
  • Environment must be installed as follows:
    • key: AT_ENABLED
    • Default: true
    • Development: true
    • For Test, stage and production you can set true or false, it depends if you want to use AppTester for these environments

STEP 4: Add service and business objects to IBM BAW

  • This is a step that copies a service flow and data objects to your process app that you want to be automated with AppTester. These will be used by the AppTester to communicate during execution of the automated tests.

So this is something you need to do per with every to-be-automated Process app

  • Copy ESF action button behind your project:
    • Go to the project list in AppTester
    • On the right to the project name there are several action buttons
    • Click on the action button “Copy Service Flow” (Now be patient to wait for about 5 minutes to finish)

This will happen now in the background:

  • The “execute service flow” service is copied to the process app in IBM BAW
  • Three business objects are copied to the process app in IBM BAW
  • A new snapshot is created and activated (this is called copy x), DON”T delete this snapshot

Please note: this can take a while for executing this action. Wait for 5 minutes so everything in the background is finished.

Afther this procedure you should be able to run test scripts with the new AppTester.


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