Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • Support for IBM BPM 8.5 & above
  • Extraction of all BPM artefacts (Services, Processes, CSS elements)
  • Test Data stored within the Application
  • Multi-user support
  • Support for .xls and .csv data sets
  • Fast environment switching 
  • Headless running of Human Service 
  • Configure Process Flows
  • Scheduling of Test Suites

AppTester Structure

AppTester consists of several modules to help you organise your Testing efforts.

Test Projects link to a BPM/BAW Application and Snapshot. From here, users can create Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Scenarios and Test Suites.

Test Approach

AppTester has been built based on an adaptation of the well known “Test Pyramid” – We’ve added a few extra layers to better fit BPM & BAW. The 6 layers of the pyramid are as follows:

  1. Unit Tests
  2. Service Tests
  3. User Interface Tests
  4. Process Tests
  5. System Tests
  6. Manual Tests 

We advise AppTester customers to lay a solid foundation of Unit Tests and then work up through the pyramid.

Read more on You-Get’s Test Pyramid Approach



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